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King David Nursing and Rehabilitation Center


Rehabilitation Services

Our in-house therapy department provides intensive therapy services and a unique restorative program. We offer physical, occupational and speech therapies, personalized for each resident. Our therapy department uses specialized equipment designed to assist our residents in reaching their maximum potential.

King David Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Plan of Care

A multi-disciplinary team of health professionals work closely with family members to create a care plan that addresses each resident’s physical, social and psychological needs.

Recreational and Social Activities

Our certified therapeutic recreation specialist and other team members plan a balanced variety of activities to appeal to residents of varying levels of physical and cognitive abilities. Our range of activities include educational programs, outings, school and community group visitations and social gatherings. We have an in-house barber and beauty salon.

King David Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Support Groups

Our licensed social worker provides support programs for residents and their families. Recent topics have included group discussions about the aging process, Alzheimer’s disease and family/caregiver workshops.

Dining Services

We have an unrivaled reputation for the delicious and nutritional quality of our cooking. We serve traditional kosher meals, under supervision, in several comfortable and attractive dining rooms. We accommodate a wide selection of special diets, all of which are monitored by our registered dietician. Our meals are prepared to appeal to everyone.

King David Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Religious Services

We encourage residents to continue traditions they have followed throughout their lives. We offer weekly Jewish Shabbat and holiday services and Christian non-denominational services. Our beautiful synagogue has original stained glass commemorating the Jewish holidays. We welcome and encourage our residents, families, friends and community members to join us.

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